Herbal Fracture 600mg FS Muscle Salve

Herbal Fracture 600mg FS Muscle Salve


Release that tension! Herbal Fracture’s Muscle and Skin Salve is great for a variety of ailments such as sore joints, muscles, and damaged skin. It is rich in their CO2 CBD complex and packed with their special formulation of 11 essential oils. (This salve is also safe for pets – try using it on the pads of their feet!)

Note: Because this product is made with a Full Spectrum extract, all of the plant’s lipids and waxes are included in the extract which can geive it a “green” look and smell. If you are sensitive to this, try the isolate version!

1fl. oz Jar

Herbal Fracture’s products are grown and produced right here in Colorado!

Photo Credit: Herbal Fracture

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